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Intercept can improve your IQ!

In either it’s board game or App form, Intercept is a game of strategy. While the true

Intercept3D App Finally Here

It is finally here so grab your very own copy of the Intercept3D App. It’s HOT and


“Best 3D Board Game EVER! It rocks! I’m playing it with everyone” Sam

“I couldn’t put my phone down, the Intercept 3D App is sooooo much FUN!” Pam

It’s like a 3D version of connect 4 but way better! What an awesome game, love it!”

Intercept 3D should be in every household, fantastic FUN for all the family! You have to get

Best Ever Game

Discover the Intercept 3D multi-level game. It will blow your mind! Intercept is a game of strategy and skill created in futuristic styling.

Can you win? Simply place your pieces strategically on the platforms to either block your opponent or set yourself up for victory. The aim is to be the first to achieve four game pieces making a straight line in any three dimensional way the game allows. Be prepared… Just when you thought you were unstoppable, your opponent may just be one step ahead of you!

Available in board game or electronic App formats, Intercept is terrific fun. It can be played by the young and the young at heart. Intercept also has the bonus of being super healthy for your brain – engaging both hemispheres of the brain while having a great time.

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It’s so much fun and so simple to buy! NOW is the time to engage your brain and set your skills to easy or hard. Wherever you are at, Intercept will meet you there. Buy NOW!