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People around the globe enjoy playing Intercept. Many people ask me about the ‘story behind the game’. I would love to share it with you too…

I was watching a science fiction movie late one night before the birth of my first child. My head was filled with thoughts about the future. I began to think about how I could create a solid foundation for my family. No doubt many fathers-to-be experience deep ponderings as they advance towards becoming a dad. Perhaps mine is a little bit more left of field than most. On that very night, in a moment of complete clarity, I had a vision of a three-dimensional board game!

The image was so clear and complete that I was actually a little afraid to act on it in case I was fooling myself. The ‘what if’ haunted me for many years afterward. As life events did what they tend to do – create challenges – I eventually made a decision to turn my life around and take a risk. My Intercept venture began.

The board game was two years in the making. Now, 21 years later, I am delighted to continue to receive the messages from people throughout the world enjoying my ‘other baby’. Thank you.

Due to demand from raving fans of the Intercept board game we then created the Intercept3D App. We know that everyone who experiences the App will enjoy it immensely. The true 3D imagery and functionality teamed with the fact that you receive a new challenge each time you play means that you will have many, many hours of fun. Share it with your friends and family or test yourself against the ‘machine’. Either way you are bound to have lots of fun and keep your brain in top gear.

I am always delighted to receive feedback on either the Intercept board game or the Intercept3D App. Whether it be praise or constructive suggestions, your opinion is valued. Please contact me through the Contact Us page.

And if you haven’t yet purchased the Intercept board game or the Intercept 3D App – buy it today. You will be really glad you did.

Thanks for sharing my dream. May you achieve yours.

Kind regards,
Frank Partlic


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