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This fantastic game is made by one of my friends, Frank Partlic. It’s such a simple concept and I think that’s what makes it such a brilliant family game; as soon as I got my game home I couldn’t wait to play it with my children (ages 5 and 7) and they immediately got how to play it (very much to their and my delight) and it’s a fun game for adults to play too. Well done Frank on creating such a quality game; it’s very well made and it’s given us many hours of real family fun. Paul Sutherland QLD Australia

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Intercept can improve your IQ!

In either it’s board game or App form, Intercept is a game of strategy. While the true 3D may be engaging and the multi-level functionality a challenge to relish, let’s consider how it helps your brain.

Intercept, like all good strategy games, provides the user with a number of options. The decision making elements and the necessary evaluation of a move, tied in with increased concentration utilises many regions of the brain at the same time. Further, the brain is learning not to repeat errors and to incorporate the opponents strategies into the users own ‘battle plan portfolio’.

The emotional components of being patient, assessing the outcomes of impulsivity and even dealing with failure are also enhanced with games such as Intercept. So while you are having a great time, just remember that the more you play, the more muscles your brain is using and the better off you are. So go ahead. Bask in your guilt free fun – we are!

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Intercept3D App Finally Here

It is finally here so grab your very own copy of the Intercept3D App. It’s HOT and addictive, you will love it!

If you have enjoyed playing the Intercept3D board game then you will struggle to put your phone or tablet down when playing the 3D App.

Be one of the first to get your hands on it! then tell your friends!

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“Best 3D Board Game EVER! It rocks! I’m playing it with everyone” Sam

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“I couldn’t put my phone down, the Intercept 3D App is sooooo much FUN!” Pam

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It’s like a 3D version of connect 4 but way better! What an awesome game, love it!” Bob

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Intercept 3D should be in every household, fantastic FUN for all the family! You have to get a copy” Jane

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