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Intercept 3D Board Game With In Australia (Including Post)

Intercept 3D Board Game for International buyers (Including Post)



It’s time to have some fun!

The Intercept board game will be a hit at your house. Whether you are playing against a worthy opponent, in teams or having rounds to see who will win the ‘grand final’ – fun abounds with Intercept.

Use your skills to outwit and outplay your opponent by placing your pieces strategically on the platforms, either to set yourself up or to block your opponent. The aim is to be the first to achieve four game pieces making a straight line in any three dimensional way the game allows.

Intercept, the board game, comes in a stylish and durable tin box for traveling and safe keeping. Assembly is easy but comprehensive instructions are included just in case. You will love the futuristic look and feel of the Intercept board game.
The game is easy to understand and the skill level depends upon the strength of your opponent. You may want to start easy and then warm up to the ‘take no prisoners’ level that is available in this game. Be warned, like all the classic games in history, you will always want to have ‘just one more round’!

Contents include:

32 futuristic black game pieces
32 futuristic white game pieces
4 clear platform plates
High quality rods
Comprehensive instructions in 10 languages

We are so confident that you will enjoy the Intercept board game that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The 30 days commences upon purchase of the game and the postage and handling is not included in any refund. It is no risk to you and we have not had a game returned to us yet.

It’s a no brainer. Turn off the TV and have a laugh and a great time. Have some old fashioned fun with a futuristic game. Buy Intercept the board game NOW – you will be very glad you did. Try out the Intercept 3D App here


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