Intercept 3D App


Isn’t it time you had some more fun in your life?

Could your tired brain do with some fun exercise to get it sparking again?

Do you like problem solving?

Is strategising your thing?

Are you looking for a game to play in those quick moments when you find yourself at a loose end? And one that you can’t wait to have a crack at the next round?

Choose the Intercept 3D App today. It’s the latest craze in 3D game apps that is ‘true 3D’. You have got to check it out!

Use your skills to outwit and outplay your opponent by placing your pieces strategically on the platforms, either to set yourself up or to block your opponent. The aim is to be the first to achieve four game pieces making a straight line in any three dimensional way the game allows. You can turn the game around 360 to view the pieces on all levels, at all angles. You have got to play it to believe it.

You can play the ‘machine’ at levels easy for beginners, medium for those increasing their strategy skills, and hard for those who really want a challenge. Or share the App with a friend and see who is the victor. No matter how many times you play, no round is ever the same!

Be part of the craze that is spreading around the world and buy the Intercept 3D App now. Don’t miss out. Buy NOW! Also don’t forget to try the original Intercept 3D Board Game here

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